My Experience At NHY

By Devon, NHY Alumni

My name is Devon.  I was a victim of peer pressure. I’d seen other kids doing certain things so I joined along. I was generally concerned with what others thought, more than what I thought about myself. What I’ve learned over the course of my stay here at NHY is that I have to be my own man. I have to be concerned about my needs, along with doing the right things. Since I’ve been at NHY I’ve managed to graduate from high school, which I think I would’ve done anyway since I already had 20 credits prior to coming here. My role models are my boxing coach, Ryan Pico, and Floyd Mayweather. They taught me that hard work pays off. With dedication I can achieve anything.  I work hard and dedicate myself to whatever I’m doing.

Things here are good. It feels like a real home here. I’ve set goals since I’ve been here. My short-term goal is to enroll into college and get myself a job once I’m released. My long-term goals are to graduate from college and make my mom and family feel proud of me. I know now that I must surround myself with positive people, those with my best interests at heart.