Our Mission

Nevada Homes for Youth (NHY) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing substance abuse treatment programs, support and education for the disadvantaged youth of Southern Nevada struggling with addiction. Nevada Homes for Youth has worked tirelessly since 1991 to help and support the at-risk youth of Southern Nevada. NHY's objective is to inform, engage and mobilize the community to actively participate in this fight, and to show teens that they are not alone and there is a way out.


Based in Las Vegas, NV Ronald C. Moore, MSW co-founded Moore Group Homes in 1984, which provided residential in-home treatment for at-risk youth, whom for one reason or another were unable to live at home. Being ordered by the court system to live in a residential group home, away from family and friends, is a terrifying experience for anyone to have to face, especially a child.  However, imagine turning eighteen years old and suddenly being told that you could no longer live in the Group Home due to your age, and you were still unable to move back home.  Without any money or any skills, what would you do? Where would you go?   Moore quickly recognized the need for a solution, and Nevada Homes for Youth was founded to answer that call to action. 

Founded in 1991, Nevada Homes for Youth's mission was clear - to develop innovative programming for young adults to help them succeed. Over the years, Moore worked with adolescents to help them successfully transition from living in a Group Home to living on their own.  He soon began to notice that for many teens, substance abuse and addiction was preventing them from achieving their goals, which led Moore to re-focus Nevada Homes for Youth's efforts on the fight against adolescent substance abuse and addiction.  Today, NHY provides both in-patient and out-patient treatment options, which include life skills, job skills training as well. 

Every kid can be successful, you just have to show them the way. We never give up on anybody.
— Ronald C. Moore, MSW

Moore remembers a time not too long ago when he was the teenager who needed guidance, and luckily for him someone was there and took the time to offer him help.  When he grew up, he asked his mentor how he could ever repay him, and he simply responded, "Help somebody else", and Moore has dedicated his life to doing just that.