The Joy of Belonging
The Dream of Acceptance
The Celebration of Accomplishment



  • By creating a bell choir orchestra that performs professional music
  • By each bell producing a single note
  • By single notes combining into melodies, chords, songs and symphonies
  • By youth choir members performing several bells at a time, with perfect timing
  • By using single bells that sound like a trumpet, a violin, a cello, a flute and every other musical instrument in the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

NHY uses ARBECY® wireless technology to send out coded signals to each group member who in turn rings-out the music notes that create a performance.  In addition bell chimes and ARBECY® Tonants create sounds of "orchestra instruments" needed to perform classical pieces from Mozart, Chopin and Bach. 

The NHY Rehab Bell Choir Orchestra provides an interactive experience which helps support our residential clients' overall treatment program.  Participation in the Bell Choir promotes a positive self-image, improved competency, and increased self-esteem.  More importantly the Bell Choir creates a successful peer-to-peer support system and creative outlet, which is an important part of their sobriety process and enables NHY clients to experience peer acceptance in a healthy way. 

After graduating from the NHY Program, clients are encouraged to continue participating in the NHY Bell Choir as part of their support program to sustain their sobriety.  The NHY Bell Choir cominbes community volunteers, program graduates, and treatment professionals. 


If you are interested in the NHY Rehab Bell Choir Orchestra performing at your upcoming event, please reach out to us using the form below.

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