Life After NHY

By Nathan, NHY Alumni

Parents being divorced or separated can cause a teen to become depressed and start using drugs. Relationships between parents and children are extremely important, especially during the teenage years. Once a teen starts doing things he/she is not supposed to do, parents tend to argue.  Their disagreements are not from the teen’s actions alone, but from differences between each other. The teen’s actions just rekindle the existing problems between the parents. So when they do get divorced, at some point, the kid feels like it was his/her fault. So, the child starts to feel guilty and really doesn’t know how to control his/her emotions. 

My family is big. They support all the good decisions I make; they love me, and help me with everything I need help with.  My family has been a great role model for me. Another one of my role models that I respect is Mr. Todd.  I see him as staff first, a coach, and a friend. You can say he’s kind of like a big brother to me. He taught me how to work with my anger and introduced me to some very helpful people who can provide me with assistance in becoming a better basketball player. One day I want to make the sport of basketball my career. 

My short-term goals are to get off probation and graduate from high school. My long-term goals are to become successful in life and have my family feel happy and proud of me for going to the NBA and playing for the Chicago Bulls!!!!