The NHY From Rehab to Work Program is intended to teach clients vocational skills in a drug-free environment, which will guide and prepare them for going out into the workforce. Nevada Homes For Youth has partnered with a local hardware store, which offers regular home improvement workshops  and training.

In order to be eligible for the NHY From Rehab to Work Program, each client must meet a set of program standards, which includes passing all drug tests, doing well in school and completing assignments, and fully participating in the Nevada Homes for Youth rehab program.  If the client is interested in this program the following must be completed.

The goal of the NHY From Rehab to Work Program is to show clients responsibility and to provide them with the tools necessary to live and maintain a drug-free and productive life. Once they have learned various vocational skills, they can confidently go out into the community and compete in the workforce.  Another goal of the Program is to teach clients financial management, by providing each participant with a stipend ranging from $25 - $30 for 2-4 hours a week.  

Participation in the NHY From Rehab to Work Program not only offers valuable vocational training and life skills, but also offers incentives in the form of a scholarship program, and/or a financial assistance program. The Scholarship Program is aimed at financially assisting those individuals pursuing further education. The Financial Assistance Program supports and teaches individuals about money management and responsibilities. This program will financially assist those with other account dues such as restitution, court fees, etc. 

The Workshops/Trainings will be un-paid, however, the stipend will occur when the clients begin to utilize the skills they have learned in the community. Before doing so, every client must complete an essay to be considered for a paid position in the community.  

Enrollment Process:

1.     Client must be 16 years and up

2.     Client must complete Application, and have it signed by parents, probation officers, and Self.

3.     Set up interview

If the client is selected to participate, they will be given a work order to attend the workshop/trainings.  This will activate their participation in the program, and they must be sure to abide by ALL standards.

How can you help?  So glad you asked!  

  • You can Sponsor A Teen to participate in NHY's From Rehab to Work Program, by just clicking the button below.  
  • You can Teach A Workshop .  If you have a background in architecture, construction, plumbing, etc. and you're interested in sharing your knowledge, please contact us

Please contact Nevada Homes for Youth if you have any questions regarding NHY's From Rehab to Work Program.