From Rock Bottom To Restaurateur

Las Vegas restaurateur, Natalie Young, opens up about her journey from rock bottom to successful chef and restaurant owner in one of four The Journey Never Stops ad spots for the credit card giant American Express. Natalie, joined by Aretha Franklin, Mindy Kaling, and Nick Woodman, share their inspiring journeys to success and the paths they took to get there.

Natalie bravely shares her struggle with addiction, and how as a result, she lost everything and fought her way back to rebuild her life, her confidence and even a super cool restaurant. Natalie's inspiring story of addiction and recovery is proof that recovery is possible, and there is a way out and a light at the end of the tunnel.  We commend her and American Express for sharing her story with the world, and for reminding everyone that The Journey Never Stops. 

"We are all on journeys. The visionaries. The underdogs. The artists. The long shots. The homegrown heroes who make every day a little better.  Join us as we follow the stories that will inspire your journey." - American Express

Be sure to pop in to Natalie's hip downtown Las Vegas restaurant, eat for breakfast or lunch.

See Natalie's story HERE.